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Bottle cap collection

Just bought the latest issue of the lovely UPPERCASE magazine, as usual it is beautiful, if you never read one before I suggest you head to the website and order the whole set.

The current issue featured a bottle cap collection by one of the most prestigious designers in the world - Gail Anderson, who was the senior art direction of Rolling Stone magazine (1987 - 2002) and SpotCo.

On her website, Gaid said: "I love stuff. Though I've put a bit of a moratorium on my hoarding, I've accumulated over 300 pairs of salt and pepper shakers, stacks of Fiestaware, a handsome bottle cap collection, a wall full of Mexican crosses, and a modest group of cast iron toys. I've been slowly amassing a stash of botanica candles and Santeria products, but am trying to resist the urge to fill my already crowded shelves with more stuff. My most prized possession, though, is my Jackson Five scrapbook, still held together with its original Elmer's Glue (and lots of lug)."

As a designer as well, I am constantly looking for things to inspire myself. When I look at these bottle caps, the colors, the types and the unique graphic design style truly inspires me; furthermore it also makes me think about the design medium I am in - the World Wide Web, where we have a much bigger canvas to work with - the browser. How can we make the design more intuitive and fun? I guess it is a question worth thinking about...

This is the first article of many more to come, I hope it has inspired you as much as it did to me and please feel free to leave your comments below.